Riga Car Rent offers you to get acquainted with various
offers for car rental in Riga.

For your convenience, we offer 6 most popular categories: Car rental in Riga Airport, Car rental in Riga City, Long term rentals, Minibus/van rental, Low cost car rental, beneficial hire a car.

Our proposals are accurate, understandable and fixed. By choosing a suitable car and reserving it - you will get exactly this car on the specified date, time and place of rental.

Riga Car Rent offers to rent different types of cars in Riga International Airport.

Riga Car Rent Toyota - car rental in Riga airport See car deals

Riga Car Rent offers to rent different types of cars in Riga city.

Riga Car Rent offers to rent different types of cars for long term.

Riga Car Rent offers to rent vans.

Riga Car Rent offers low price rent for different types of cars.

Riga Car Rent offers beneficial car rental.

Making an order is very simple:


find a suitable car from 
the provided list of cars;


select the date and time, specify the place of delivery and return;


fill in the reservation form and send your request.

Or just call us

to one of the mentioned phone numbers and our managers will answer to all of your questions regarding the conditions of renting a car in Riga or they will take an urgent car rental order from you if needed:

+371 24112200
+371 24112299

We work every day, 24/7/365, ensuring the delivery and return of rented vehicles at any time 00-24.

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Riga Car Rent – is a car rental brand which is oriented on a customer, values the comfort and the quality of provided service.

Riga Car Rent

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Working hours - standard:

Sunday - Saturday 09:00 - 19:00

By prior arrangement:

Sunday - Saturday 19:00 - 09:00